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G'roove Maker - Composer - Visual Artist

ZTime EPK Channel
B'Mass - by ZTime (Instrumental Hip Hop, Rap, RnB Beat) Uncivilised Grooves

B'Mass - by ZTime (Instrumental Hip Hop, Rap, RnB Beat) Uncivilised Grooves

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Sis'ko: Jahvat Tulloo (Music Video)

Sis'ko: Jahvat Tulloo (Music Video)

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Finspire! - Sweet 17 (Official Music Video)

Finspire! - Sweet 17 (Official Music Video)

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Sis'ko: Tahraton Sydän (Music Video)

Sis'ko: Tahraton Sydän (Music Video)

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M'DrumZ - Sample Library Showcase (In Final Development phase)

Uncivilised - Organically Handcrafted Samples & G'rooves

Produced by ZTime

Specifically Shaped and Designed with  Ultimate Timber Character (UTC) and

Creative Dynamic Sampling (CDS) Engines in mind.

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Remastered re-release of the award winning sample library


Totally unique collection of futuristic drum beats

destined to shake bedrooms & control rooms all over the globe.

Uncivilised G'rooves (UG) awarded 5* (stars) rating by Sound On Sound magazine and a Future Music ''Platinum Award’’.


Sounds from the UG library were extensively used in:

 - Kenji Yamamoto’s music from the Metroid Prime games (Trilogy)

 - Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

 - Many movies and commercials


Originally produced in 2000 - remastered in 2021. Truly individual and unique samples and grooves that stayed relevant for over 20 years...

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Short Bio
Zoran Sabijan (aka. ZTime)

Zoran began classical music education at the age of eight and got his BA degree of 'Professor of Musical Culture' in 1991 at the Music Academy of Zagreb.


Born in Croatia, lived in Slovenia, Croatia then in England (London) and now based in the middle of Finland.


Most valuable experience that Zoran acquired by living in different places was the sheer awareness of multi-national cultural interaction that, spiced up by their inevitable differences, resulted in the creation of a wide-ranging artistic mixtures.


Zoran's contemporary music affection started when he was twelve years old. He has combined both classical and modern worlds ever since.


Furthermore, his deep love for visual arts have resulted in an exciting symbiosis where he passionately combines both, the realms of audio and visuals, in his daily creations.


Most notable highlights of his career are:

  • arranger and co-composer on a number one selling singles and albums with Dino Dvornik - Croatia

  • performance with Boris Novković & Night Shift band, supporting Tina Turner as part of the 1990 'Foreign Affair' European tour – Zagreb, Croatia;

  • performance at the 'ABU Golden Kite' World Song Festival in Malaysia

  • music composer for films and commercials worldwide (clients include JWT, BBC, MTV, Electric EEL Films, RSA, Abbot Mead Vickers, Saatchi & Saatchi etc.) - UK

  • composed & produced Uncivilised G'rooves' sampling CD Library – London, UK (Sound On Sound 'Five Star Rated' December 2000; Future Music 'Platinum Award' August 2001).

  • sound designer & editor on feature film 'Lucky Break'- UK

  • sound designer & editor on feature film 'Wild Heart: Hell of Boomerang' (39th Antalya Film Festival – “Golden Orange” Award Best Film Sound Effects 2001) - UK

  • sound designer & editor on TV-series 'Hans Christian Andersen' - UK

  • motion graphics visualisation, Led screens video design at 'Eurovision Song Contest 2007' – Helsinki

  • writer, director and producer of Short Film & Documentary TV series 'Kaunis Sielu' – Finland

  • composer at Apollo Music

  • arranger, co-composer and producer for Finnish artist Sis'ko

  • composer at Universal Production Music

  • writer, composer, film director and producer at Finspire!

  • composed and produced upcoming M'DrumZ (Opus One) G'roove sampling library


In his career he also worked and collaborated with the artists such as Raphael Ravenscroft, Atlantic Soul Machine, Eusebe and Hector to name but a few.


Zoran's audiovisual works have been seen and heard by hundreds of millions of people around the world to date.

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