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Producer / Game Sound Samplist Specialist

SynaMax has been producing electronic music since 2005.  In his teens, he was greatly inspired by video game music and electronic acts including Art of Noise and Boards of Canada.  In 2017, he released his first album "Impulse", followed by an EP,  "B.B.G.F".  His most recent album is "Neon Dithered Dreams", a dark ambient album inspired by the works of Akira Yamaoka and Brian Eno.  He has also contributed to, where his samples have been downloaded and used in media such as "The Eric Andre Show" and SCP: Containment Breach.

On his YouTube channel, he has documented sample libraries and music gear used in various media.  Such sample findings include the bass synth from NIN - Closer, the pad sample from Aphex Twin - Xtal and even ZTime's Uncivilised G'rooves samples used in Metroid Prime.  Max has also done several unofficial remixes that have gone viral (his Yello - Oh Yeah remix has surpassed 160k views as of 2022).

SynaMax: Team Members
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