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Come (feat. ZTime)

New Film Soundtrack type composition

April / 2022

This Trip-Hop / R&B - Film Soundtrack composition has been inspired by the current events in the world. The unnecessary suffering those people have to go through is beyond any humanity and one cannot but feel devastated by those events!


How do we all suppose to wake-up and continue our daily routines, our jobs, passionately creating, stay positive and content with our human ourselves, in this place we are living right now? Where do we get the strength? Where do we start?

As a result I found myself totally powerless... no motivation for creating... no point in music or music-making what so ever...

Then one morning I woke up and thought... no matter what terrible things come, no matter the suffering, no matter the devastation... what ever comes... we as a human race of ultimate survivors can beat it all!

Keep on throwing on us anything you want.. just come... take what you want... We'll find our way up regardless... the one and only way... the way up!

COME .. ON... if they can, I surely can as well!

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