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Creativity and knowledge available for your development


1 hour / 49,50 € (Intro Offer)

Professional guidance for sound recording and visual production equipment, hardware & software. From home studio to large recording facilities.

Advice on where to obtain the best deals on equipment purchases.

Great deals to be had from our purchase partners.

One-to-one Meetup via Skype video call

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1 hour / 49,50 € (Intro Offer)

Learn how to compose, arrange and produce your music. Acquire skills in mixing and mastering on your own projects. Get feedback and help to finalise your works and publish them.

Step by step learning on the real world examples.

  • From beats programming to orchestrating

  • From instrument playing to music theory

  • From effects implementations to sound design

  • From composing to arranging

  • From mixing to mastering

One-to-one Meetup via Skype video call

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from 195 €

Custom visual storytelling for your Song or Beat, with or without lyrics. We take care to match the style of visuals with your track's mood and emotion.

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from 750 € / track

Get your song remixed by ZTime
Hip-hop, RnB, Drum 'n Bass, Trap, Orchestral, Industrial...

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