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A team of creatives eagerly awaiting new challenges!

We specialise in Custom G'rooves & Music Production and provide Sound DesignConsultancy and Other services as well.

Secondly, creation of inspiring tutorials about music making process and gear (hardware & software), that we use in our daily productions, is our passion in its own right.

And thirdly, we provide our own hangout community where we collaborate with our fellowship creators and mutually share inspiration, feedback and help.

Whether you’re about to launch a new project, need advice on production, or would like a real world groove & music making tips, techniques and inspirations - you got to the right place.


Please contact us and find out how teaming up with us could help you achieve your desired ambition.

Warmest thanks! Stay Motivated, Stay Creative!

L♥︎ve, Zok, Gustav, Max, Si'sko & Uncle Vlad

Please consider joining us on Patreon and Youtube.

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