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M'DrumZ Art No text V1 (QHD 1440).png
M'DrumZ Art No text V1 (QHD 1440).png

Upcoming G'roove Sampling Libraries

Opening Art M'DrumZ
M'DrumZ Art No text V1 (QHD 1440).png

Hot News:

While our Creative Dynamic Sampling (CDS) can be a great MPE substitute, the initial tests combining both CDS and MPE are nothing short of stunning!

Watch this space for the new development announcements :-)


The war for loudness is thankfully nearing its end.

We concentrate on dynamics, phrasing and tonal expressions instead!

Long live musicality :-)

M'DrumZ - Opus One

Upcoming Sequel release to the award winning sample library

Totally unique collection of Uncivilised - Organically Handcrafted Samples & G'rooves

Produced by ZTime

Specifically Shaped and Designed with  Ultimate Timber Character (UTC) and

Creative Dynamic Sampling (CDS) Engines in mind.

Technical Specs:

Some of the finest sample tonal character currently available on the market (UTC)

High Sample rate (Lower S/R provided)

Multi-velocity Organically Crafted samples with CDS

Multi mood samples organised in corresponding Sound Kits

Multi Patterns (Constructed with the Song arrangement production requirements in mind)

Midi files provided

Patterns provided as final audio files in two variations:

- Standard mix

- Alternative Mix

(by Uncivilised predecessor ‘Uncle Vlad’)

All patterns provided as stems audio files for each single drum / perc / efx instrument


Initial Aim: All Sound Kits and audio loops mapped for the following platforms: UVI Falcon, Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase and MPC2 (Including MPC hardware) ... and more...


Further plans to create three more Opuses (Volumes) making it four Mighty DrumZ releases in total


Rough & Massive

Completely Uncivilised!


Suitable 4 Games, Tv, Cinematic, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Trap, Garage, Trance, Drum 'n Bass, Anything U like.


Produced by ZTime


M'DrumZ Main Title
M'DrumZ Art V1 (HD).png
M'DrumZ Info

M'DrumZ - Opus Two

Opus Two code named 'Awakening' production started May 2023

Over 3 hours and more than 4000 bars of preliminary sound design materials recorded

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