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How to join Finspire! Community

Updated: Feb 4, 2022


With every big commitment comes the great sacrifice!

Uncle Vlad

Managing time in our turbulent fast-speed lives is becoming harder and harder by the day. We all have choices to make and decide upon which battles matter and which don't.

Once decided upon, commitment keeps you in focus. It points you towards your chosen directions and naturally channels your energy flow where it is suppose too. It is that flow that creates the symbiosis , a loving partnership of a kind, with your inner self.

In the right circumstances, this powerful process turns into desire, a desire that sees no end to come!


Warm Welcome

As stated in my previous post I love making music & visuals and hope that by joining me in this quest, we will have a unique opportunity to together build an inspiring community.

Ways to join our community

If you have purchased:

  1. Uncivilised G'rooves -Remastered Sample kit

  2. Any Instrumental song or a Beat

  3. Consultancy or tuition session

  4. Song Visualisation or Remix

or are one of our Patrons that support our work via Patreon - you will be automatically invited to join our Finspire! community on Discord.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your commitment and cannot wait to see you there!

What is Finspire!

Finspire! is a Music & Visual Creator's Community.

A dream place that:

  • keeps you Inspired and motivated

  • gives you an audience of fellow members

  • provides you with an honest feedback

  • helps you make progress

  • collaborate and work with the others

  • and in turn brings the best out of you

In an interview with Synamax (Dec. 2021) I spontaneously answer the question about, what Finspire! is all about. You can watch it here (starting from 49:45)


Thank you for your time! Wishing you to stay motivated and stay creative regardless of what your endeavours might be!

Please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Also consider subscribing to our youtube channel and to our newsletter and get notified when we publish new materials.

L♥︎VE to the people,

Uncle Vlad

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